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Drew Elston is an English screen and stage actor, born in Hampshire, UK. He has just finished filming Mercy Land (2023), directed by Simon Rickards and Kin (2023), directed by Sunny Dhinsey. Drew plays the lead role in Placebo (2022) also directed by Sunny Dhinsey, which is on Amazon Prime. He is known for portraying Dr John O'Connor' in IMMUNE (2020) in which he was nominated for Best Actor, directed by Robert MacFarlane, 'Brother Kost' in Gary O'Briens', Star Trek The Holy Core (2019), 'Jason' in Insanity, directed by Serge Rashidi (2019), 'Martin Temple' in 'Time Will Tell' (2018), directed by Tonnie Dinjens.

Other notable credits include the lead role in the award winning 'Make it Big!' commercial, directed by Benny Vandendriessche for Pathé Cinema (2017), receiving the Bronze Lamp ACDN Award in 2017 and a lead role Ludd in the web-series Frequency: Delirium (2018).

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